Month: May 2008

CIVAS 2008

This year’s CIVAs Awards Ceremony was held in Spinney Hill Theatre on Thursday 8 May. The awards recognised students who have made the most progress on their instrument/voice during the school year and also those students who have shown commitment to extra-curricular rehearsals and the musical life of the school. GCSE and A level composition work were also recognised.

The evening was a resounding success. A total of 140 awards were presented by Mrs Joan Martin, our Chair of Governors. We were treated to individual performances by 23 students, each one representing their peripatetic teacher:

Rebecca Ludlow – Cornet

Alexandra Bragg – Violin

Lily Beech – Tuba

Chloe Shubrook – Piano

Natasha Blackford – Piano

Philippa Smith – Vocal

Shannon Simon – Guitar

Casey Burgess – Flute

Fern Clyde-Dines – Vocal Technology

Zoe Hearn – Clarinet

Hannah Kitson – Bassoon

Martha Willis – Oboe

Alice Percival – Percussion

Sonia Fadal – Guitar

Hannah Lee – Cello

Mo Clifford – Flute

Sophie-Louise Phillips – Piano

Grace Ward – Violin

Chloe Percy-Smith – Alto Sax

Eleanor Tollan – Vocal

Chloe McGowan – Flute

Bethany McDonagh – Double Bass

Megan Solomon – Keyboard

Thanks to all the performers, to all students who attended to receive their awards, to Paul Parker, Julie Shaw, Rob Reid, Raydene Vaughan and to all the peripatetic teachers from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts service.