Month: March 2011

Celebration Concert 2011

[youtube width=”400″ height=”273″ video_id=”oElo4hCkioc”]

An experimental idea to create the sound of a storm.

On Thursday 24 March 2011 we held our seventh Celebration Concert.  Each year we invite a special guest artist or group to headline our concert. This year our focus was on woodwind and we were lucky to be joined by 2 very special groups, The Harper Trio and the ‘Clarinetics’.

The first half of the concert included performances from Concert Band, Percussion Group, Sax Quartet, ‘Tie Rack’, String Group and The Harper Trio. The trio is made up of 3 students who are currently studying music at Trinity College, London – one of them, Hannah Robinson, is an ex-NSG student who specialises on the bassoon.

During the interval the audience was treated to the debut performance of our new brass quintet, the Brass Belles.

After the break there were performances from Big Band, Senior Wind Ensemble, Madrigalis and the NSG ‘Real’ group – a new singing group made up of staff and 6th form students.  The finale of the evening was an amazing performance  from the ‘Clarinetics’.  It was a real pleasure to welcome Peter Dunkley, Head of the Music and Performance Arts Service, and 3 of his staff to NSG to show that, as well as being great teachers, they are also very talented and fun musicians.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”273″ video_id=”KKXzUr6dOh4″]

Our thanks must also go to Mrs Vaughan.  She stepped into the breach at last year’s concert and did such a good job that she has become our resident compère.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to all parents, friends and families who gave us such fantastic support.


National Festival of Music for Youth 2011

Seven NSG groups took part in the Music for Youth Regional Festival in Spinney Theatre on Saturday 12 March.  Once again we received some very positive comments from the adjudicators:

Madrigalis – ‘Lovely: crystal-clear diction, a sparkling sound, perfect intonation, tight ensemble… more!  More!  I want more!  Truly a pleasure to listen to you.  A delight’

‘Tie Rack’ – ‘mmmm!  Glorious!  I love it!

Concert Band – ‘The sound you make is bigger and richer than I could have guessed from looking at you – it fills the auditorium.  An impressive line-up of instruments, and you are all playing with commitment, resulting in a magnificent overall tone’

Senior Wind Ensemble – ‘You make a nice sound, both individually and together.  This is a serious repertoire that you are tackling and you’re making a fine job of it’

Sax Ensemble – ‘You perform with panache and confidence, inspiring these qualities in your audience too….What a very proficient ensemble you are!’

Senior String Group – ‘You look so professional……You’re so good.  Some fine players, a good overall sound and plenty of spirit’

Big Band – ‘This is great music and, for me, sums up and highlights what Music for Youth stands for’ and  ‘What a glorious voice your soloist has! Wow! I could listen all day….’

Well done to all students who took part – you did us proud!