Month: May 2011

Northampton Festival of the Performing Arts

Congratulations to the many NSG groups which took part in the Northampton Festival.  This year we entered a record number of groups, some of them only recently formed, and we received some very positive comments.

Percussion Ensemble:                         “Crisp and rhythmic” (1st place)

Senior Percussion Ensemble:            “Lots of great stuff going on!” (2nd place)

Brass Belles:                                           “Marvelously melancholy” (1st place)

Yr7 & 8 Cello Group:                            “A splendid ensemble” (1st place)

Sax Ensemble:                                       “A gutsy sound from a girly group” (1st place)

Clarinet Choir:                                       “You make a lovely sound” (2nd place)

Cello Group:                                            “Well prepared and nice to hear”

Double Bass Trio:                                  “A well matched trio – good to hear”

Cello Quartet:                                         “Well balanced, rehearsed and presented”

String Quartet:                                       “You play well together as an ensemble”

Trumpet Quartet:                                   “Impressive stuff ladies”


CIVAs 2011

Our annual Composition, Instrumental and Vocal Awards Ceremony was held in Spinney Theatre on Thursday 5 May.  The awards recognise students who have made the most progress on their instrument/voice during the school year and also those students who have shown commitment to extra-curricular rehearsals and the musical life of the school.  GCSE and A level composition work are also recognised.

Once again the evening flowed smoothly with a total of 165 awards being presented by Mrs Joan Martin, our Chair of Governors.  We were treated to outstanding individual performances by 22 students, each one chosen by and representing their Peripatetic teacher.

Thanks to all the performers, to all students who attended to receive their awards, to Paul Parker, Julie Shaw, Rob Reid, Raydene Vaughan and to all the peripatetic teachers from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts service.

Thanks also to the families and friends who stayed until the end to give support to all of our performers.