Month: June 2011

Big Band at Northampton Music City

Big Band once again took part in the annual Northampton Music City on Sunday 12 June – the only school group invited to perform. The aim of this event is to raise the profile of music making in Northampton.

Spirits were not dampened by the heavy rain and the energy of the performers quickly transferred from the stage to the enthusiastic crowd.


Festive Road and ‘Brewing Up’ – Carnival Project 2011

40 Year 7 and 8 students have been involved with the unique Festive Road Music, Dance and Costume Design Project.  The project included four days of in-school workshops led by specialist professionals. Students designed and made their own costumes and then took part in the Northampton Carnival on Saturday 11 June.

“The aim of the project is to fuse carnival arts with art performance, facilitate new partnerships and create experimental new work of a high artistic quality, all using the theme of tea. The group wants to get people thinking about qualities of excellence as we build up towards the Olympics in 2012 including making the perfect cup of tea!

This project gives people the chance to take time out of their busy lives, be entertained and ponder our question “If making tea was an Olympic sport, what qualities would you need to make the perfect cup?”

‘Brewing up for 2012’ will investigate how the quintessentially English action of drinking tea tells a story of our multi-cultural history and it will show the similarities between making the greatest cup of tea and becoming the world’s best athlete.”

There was a lot of press coverage of the event and our ‘float’ was awarded 3rd place, 1st and 2nd places being awarded to London groups, so we were 1st out of all the Northampton groups!

Well done to those students involved who soldiered on through the mixed weather with such enthusiasm and charisma!